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Image Product Name Manufacturer
Release Date 12/2/2015
ISBN-13 9781118442265
ISBN 1118442261
Edition 2
Author(s) Charles S. Wasson
9781118442265 prices
Release Date 7/16/2004
ISBN-13 9781401827151
ISBN 1401827152
Edition 1
Author(s) Wendy Tumminello
Cengage Learning
9781401827151 prices
Release Date 8/6/2007
ISBN-13 9780073380353
ISBN 0073380350
Edition 1
Author(s) Ralph Ford, Coulston, Chris S., Ralph Ford and Chris Coulston
McGraw-Hill Education
9780073380353 prices
Release Date 12/7/1995
ISBN-13 9780521559263
ISBN 052155926X
Author(s) Roy Burcher, Rydill, L. J., Louis J. Rydill, Burcher
Cambridge University Press
9780521559263 prices
Release Date 10/5/2008
ISBN-13 9780939837786
ISBN 0939837781
Author(s) Ma-Li Chen, Lee S. Chesneau
Paradise Cay Publications
9780939837786 prices
Release Date 11/28/2012
ISBN-13 9781119951766
ISBN 1119951763
Edition 1
Author(s) George F. Elmasry, Elmasry
9781119951766 prices
Release Date 8/20/2007
ISBN-13 9781581129717
ISBN 1581129718
Edition 2
Author(s) Reza Adhami, III Peter M. Meenen, Denis Hite
Universal Publishers
9781581129717 prices
Release Date 3/26/2009
ISBN-13 9780136069553
ISBN 013606955X
Edition 4
Author(s) Mark N. Horenstein
Prentice Hall
9780136069553 prices
Release Date 6/12/2001
ISBN-13 9780766822320
ISBN 076682232X
Edition 5
Author(s) J. Michael Adams, Penny Ann Dolin, J. Michael Adams and Penny Ann Dolin
Cengage Learning
9780766822320 prices
Release Date 1/16/2015
ISBN-13 9780134001876
ISBN 0134001877
Edition 5
Author(s) Mark N. Horenstein
9780134001876 prices
Release Date 5/8/2005
ISBN-13 9780415336239
ISBN 0415336236
Edition 2
Author(s) Malcolm Millais, Millais
Taylor & Francis
9780415336239 prices
Release Date 1/20/2014
ISBN-13 9780859791700
ISBN 085979170X
Author(s) Robert E. Bradley
Crecy Publishing
9780859791700 prices
Release Date 4/20/2015
ISBN-13 9781118454541
ISBN 1118454545
Edition 1
Author(s) Dan Blitzer, Tammy Mackay, NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association)
9781118454541 prices
Release Date 3/25/1999
ISBN-13 9780195122732
ISBN 0195122739
Edition 5
Author(s) Charles R. Hicks, Hicks, Turner, Kenneth V., Charles R. Hicks and Kenneth V. Turner
Oxford University Press
9780195122732 prices
Release Date 12/23/2005
ISBN-13 9780471393337
ISBN 0471393339
Edition 1
Author(s) Charles S. Wasson
9780471393337 prices
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